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Considered to be "the single worst incident of racial violence in American history," A Greenwood Rhapsody is about the detrimental massacre of the Tulsa Race Riot. This horrifying event occured in Greenwood, Oklahoma, otherwise known as "Black Wall Street" due to the district being one of the most economically thriving black towns in America during the time.

On May 31, 1921, a black man by the name of Dick Rowland was accused of assaulting a white female operator in an elevator. Due to the prejudice at the time, nobody cared about what Dick had to say, and he was thrown in jail. After the black community stood their ground at the courthouse, defending Dick, the white people decided that the black community were becoming more powerful. So they decided to shut them down.

A day later, the KKK and angry white protesters attacked Greenwood. Even law enforcement dropped bombs on the town to protect against a "Negro Uprising." Guns were shot, blacks were killed, and a prospering city destroyed.

A Greenwood Rhapsody