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Considered to be "the single worst incident of racial violence in American history," the Tulsa Race Massacre occurred in Greenwood, Oklahoma, also known as "Black Wall Street," for being one of the most economically thriving black towns in America. A prospering city was destroyed due to a false scandal. After a black teenager was accused of assaulting a white woman in an elevator, the white community in Tulsa raged. Law enforcement and white rioters decimated Greenwood and the

residents living there. Each movement depicts a certain day during this Massacre.



I. May 30, 1921


II. May 31, 1921

III. June 1, 1921

Epilogue: "America, God Bless You if it's Good to You"



Defending Greenwood was awarded the 1st place prize by the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Emerging Composers Competition 2023, a finalist position with the American Composers Orchestra Earshot Competition 2023, and the NYU Orchestra Composer Residency 2024.

Defending Greenwood (2022)

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